#035: I Am Learning to Think Differently than I Ever Did Before (ft. Aswan Morris and Hope Ledeboer-Smith)

Ben and Ryder continue their exploration of race & multi-cultural ministry with a variety of guests, including New York City Metro Director Aswan Morris, and Minneapolis Metro Director Hope Ledeboer-Smith.

Hope and Aswan share their experiences from multi-cultural lives, leadership, and ministry. Starting with the world of kids, we begin to learn about systemic brokenness and the challenges of “togetherness”. Along the way we'll also discuss how Young Life can innovate and get better, from everyday ministry, to camp, and to large-scale organizational change. Ultimately, Aswan and Hope challenge us to grow, examine our own biases, and reframe how we view multi-cultural ministry.

P.S. Don't forget to read “The New Jim Crow” for the next OTF Reads Episode...coming soon.

P.P.S. Thank you to Michael, Angela, & Kelly who gave us extended interviews about their lives as high school students, only a small snippet of which made the final episode!

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